Hi! I’m Melissa Manas, a graphics professional based in Tucson, Arizona with 24 years experience. After graduating with a BFA from the University of Arizona, my obsession for graphic design quickly ignited with my first Mac. Learning the tools of the trade at an agency and then a print house, I developed a knack for getting things done quickly and effectively, with maximum impact. I’ve worked with all kids of clients in various fields: medical, imaging, art galleries, food and beverage, legal, educational… you name it.

All designs are completed by me personally. Let’s get to work!

Melissa has added immeasurably to the look and quality of my newsletter. She is a delight to work with: smart, thoughtful, warm, hardworking, and unfailingly honest. Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor.”

Dr. Alan Gelenberg, Biological Therapies in Psychiatry

Melissa is exceptionally creative and demonstrates meticulous attention to detail. She solves problems before they even arise and has been a huge asset to our numerous web development projects. Melissa doesn’t merely go the extra mile, she runs the extra marathon.

Lesley Baumann, Creative Director

Melissa has helped us transform our websites into world class destinations for scientific equipment. She’s one of those few, multi-talented individuals out there who is both creative as well as technically proficient. She is a delight to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about their website and graphic design.

Elaine Rasmussen, Marketing, Corporate Communications

I have worked with Melissa for over 20 years. She is kind, creative and conscientious. Melissa can take a conversation full of ideas and create a unique and comprehensive finished product. She always meets deadline and I love her work ethic.

Amy Boynton, Managing Editor